Lo Hei Dinner @ Cafe De Hong Kong 新天地小厨

Chap Goh Mei is fast approaching and we’ll have another feast on Valentine’s Day! Geez, I’m getting really fat here and soon I’ll need a good detox 😉 Adrian, May, Ranjita, Ross, Yap and I meet up occasionally but seldom all together. Not these days anyway… All of us have our work commitments and it … Continue reading

撈起财运亨通! 發呀! – Let’s Prosper!

There are several Kimly Seafood around the Island, I suspect they are part of a chain. Anyway, we had dinner at Kimly Clementi and Hougang several times before and have always enjoyed their Assam Fish, Brinjal (in mini wok) and Tofu with Dou Miao as well as their competitive pricing (on normal days, I found … Continue reading