Nai Pak Choy 奶白菜

Click  for Shaoxing Chicken recipe. Nai Pak Choy Recipe Ingredients: 500g Nai Pak Choy. 1 whole bulb Garlic. Enough oil to fry the garlic. ¾ tbsp or more of the garlic infused oil (from above) to stir-fry vegetables. pinch of Salt. Pepper, optional. Please note that seasoning agent can be salt, oyster sauce, conpoy sauce, light sauce … Continue reading

Kok Sen Restaurant 国成餐室 – Rustic Cantonese Cuisine

Keef and I did not get off our cab knowing that we couldn’t secure a table a few nights ago and ended up eating at 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat, so this is like killing two birds with one stone when finally I was able to eat Yusheng and Cze Char at Kok … Continue reading