God Made A Swimming Pool None Can Rival!

Valerie and Ryan departed for their honeymoon but it was worrisome for me at first. Their plane ran into some problem and after it landed, and the newly weds had to disembark on the runway. A bus brought them to the terminal. Luckily, the young couple did not have any check-in luggage as those who … Continue reading

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat!

The “Hen Party” was over and it was our turn to throw a party. We had an impromptu BBQ last night (28th Sp 2014) for the soon-to-be bride and groom, Valerie & Ryan’s best men and bride’s maids as a motivational and an advance thank you meal for their help in my daughter’s impending wedding. … Continue reading

Who Knew That It Would Be Seoul Nice?

I just got back with my kids from their pre-wedding photography shoot in Seoul, South Korea. I was trying my best to seize the moments behind the scene and freeze these precious memories in a rectangular frame. I watched my baby… She’s a sight to behold! Oh well, you know the saying, “Mothers are biased!” … Continue reading