Love In Vain @ Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant 天天海鲜鱼头爐

I have blogged quite a few cze char posts like Kok Sen Coffee Shop, Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee, Hong Kong Street Zhen Bao Ji Cze Char, Hong Kong Street Steamboat, Ju Feng Garden Kitchen. So cze char 煮炒 or street restaurant cuisine is no longer unfamiliar to you. Today’s post is about Tian Tian Seafood Fish … Continue reading

Chinese Tapas, Anyone?

So why is dim sum Chinese tapas? As you can see, they come in small servings and just like the Spanish tapas, one can eat as many variety as one can and tiltilate one’s tastebuds as long as possible until it becomes unbearable for one’s tummy 😀 I am quite picky when it comes to … Continue reading