Chicken And Chestnuts Stew Recipe 栗子焖鸡食谱

Stewed Chicken With Chestnuts is not only delicious, it is also nutritious! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chestnuts can strengthen our spleen, stomach and kidneys. However, one can suffer indigestion if too many chestnuts are consumed. Always eat in moderation… Yes, even the supposedly good-for-the-body type of food! Chestnuts are warming, meaning they possess … Continue reading

Korean Spicy Beef and Octopus Firepot

There are a few varieties you can choose from. I like the spicy beef and octopus combination. Beef Bulgogi – another hot favourite here. Doesn’t look very tasty but it definitely is crispy. Happy eating 🙂

Oxtail Stew

Hearty comfort food on a cold night! See Beef Spare Ribs Stew for recipe. Just substitute the spare ribs for oxtail or do a combination of half and half. Happy cooking 🙂

Beef Spare Rib Stew

Hearty and wholesome meal. “Spare ribs $4 a kilo” yelled the butcher eager to call it a day and go home. After all, it was already 1pm! The meat did look very fresh indeed and I knew I had a good deal so I bought 2 kilos. After the bargained purhased, I realised that these … Continue reading

Braised Pork Belly 魯肉

Scald the pork belly with hot water for a few minutes until they turn opaque and rinse well. If you have time, marinate the pork and mushrooms overnight with all the spices and half the seasoning, except water and hard boiled eggs. The next day, bring it out from the fridge and onto the stove, … Continue reading