Chinese Home-style Steamed Fish

Fishing this weekend? Try steaming your fresh catch! It’s a healthier cooking method than deep-frying. It has a light and clean taste and most importantly, it is yummilicious! Spoon the hot broth onto a bowl of steamed white rice and you will know what I mean. Slurp burp! 😄 Here’s an idea on how to … Continue reading

Teochew Steamed Fish 潮式蒸马鲅魚

This is a very simple dish and the key to a successful steamed fish lies in the freshness of the star ingredient – Fish! Here we have Threadfin or what we locals called Ikan Kurau in Malay. Recipe Ingredients: 2 Ikan Kurau steaks, total weight approximately 500g-600g (Threadfin, Barramundi, Promfet or the like). 2 Sour … Continue reading