On The Road Again – From Sri Petaling To Kukup

16th November 2013 – I had to wake up at 4am to get myself ready so that Paul and I could have breakfast at 5am, before we set off at 6am to Kukup, where I would be meeting my photography kakis. Fearing that I may not wake up on time, I decided not to sleep. … Continue reading

ONE FC 12 – Warrior Spirit @ Putra Indoor Stadium

Draco had me worried (about posting ONE FC 12 which I intended) with his comment, “First rule: Don’t talk about fight club – and you just broke that rule. :)” Until his later mention, “You never saw the movie “Fight Club” with Brad Pitt? That’s one of his rules. :)”, I am at ease posting … Continue reading

Restoran Clan 大家城点心茶楼 @ Sri Petaling

After lunch at Restoran Alison, Paul realised that I was in slippers and said, “This is a big event and we would be running around. I think it would be better if we got you a pair of flats.” So off we go to Carrefour to shop for shoes. I found a suitable design and … Continue reading

Restoran Alison 阿里山茶餐室 @ Sri Petaling

Click on pics below for commentary. Click on pics below for commentary. So the meal we had yesterday (click here to see post Unplatable Plates) wasn’t fantastic. It wasn’t even adequate but the porridge totally compensated the “ordeal”. I wished I had taken Paul’s advice to eat the Hakka Noodles because they weren’t open the … Continue reading

Unpalatable Plates & Passionate Paul

How can I tell you about him? Paul has been my family friend for 15 years, maybe more. Who cares? I’m not counting the years of our friendship but I would like to count my blessings having him. He was the one who introduced me to charity work more than 10 years ago. He was … Continue reading