Hong Heng Beef Noodle Soup & Laksa 宏兴牛肉粉 · 叻沙 @ Kebun Baru

When we were driving around Ang Mo Kio (AMK) in search of Hualong Fishhead Steamboat beginning of June 2014, Space Donut (SD) mentioned that there’s a beef noodle stall that she would just up and go to whenever her cravings strike! I told her to put me on that “hit list” whenever her penchant arises. … Continue reading

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 華龍魚頭爐

We were supposed to meet a day before her birthday but I had overslept! She wasn’t angry leaving a text on WhatsApp, “You must be sleeping. We’ll arrange again.” Who is this sweet lady? Space Donut (SD)! The last time we met was in December, 3 days before my birthday where she gave me a … Continue reading

Le Le Pot 乐乐锅 @ Seng Poh Road

Space Donut (SD) WhatsApp me to find out if I was available for dinner. SD: “If we are going to drink afterwards, I won’t drive.” Me: “We’ll skip the drinks. I can be ready in an hour. What are we having?” SD: “I’m bringing you to Tiong Bahru for steamboat.” Me: “Tian Tian?” SD: “Is … Continue reading

Infatuated With The Fat Bastard

Whoever said Mondays have to be blue has to rethink again if s/he lives in Singapore and gets to go out with moi 😉 I was resting at home when my girlfriend Space Donut called. I was in a state of comatose by the weekend’s activities but her rambling got me aroused and I simply … Continue reading

Elegant Grand Astor High Tea

Singapore is a tiny red dot on the world map. Even so, an appointment to catch up with your friends can take months to materialize. Space Donut and I had been making, postponing and rearranging a gathering for months now. We finally got round to it on Monday, 24 hours after Mother’s Day. The venue … Continue reading