Cha Soba

Cha Soba or Zaru Soba (Japanese Cold Buckwheat Noodles) Recipe (serves 4) Ingredients: 300g of Soba (buckwheat noodles, brown or green). Plenty of Ice Cubes. You can buy bottled sauce for soba (follow instructions on bottle) or use the recipe below. Dipping Sauce: 500 ml Water, for dipping noodles when serving. 4 tablespoons Japanese Shoyu. … Continue reading

Kenzan@GPO is now Gekkazan

The name kenzan (剣山) literally means sword mountain but I cannot make out the meaning of Gekkazan, a name Kenzan@GPO used after renovation. I asked a Japanese friend of mine, Kei san, and he thought judging from the romanised word, Gekkazan, may be “月下山” literally translating to mountain under the moon. Kei san did some … Continue reading