I met KC earlier in Chinatown for food before we went for Gordon Ramsay’s event at Newton but it was madness madness and more madness! Throngs of security kept steam rolling us backwards, hard whistle blowers they were too. “Make way! Make way!” They would yell. How in the world was I going to catch … Continue reading

He’s Here! Gordon Ram Say What?

I recently did a post on Gordon Ramsay and he’s finally here for the SingTel Hawker Heroes Challenge! Gordon Ramsay goes to Maxwell Food Centre to “steal” tips from Madam Foo of Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice ahead of his ‎#hawkerheroes showdown on Sunday, 7th July 2013. Hungry Go Where (Singapore) has full videos coming … Continue reading

Is Gordon Ramsay Taking Us On Or Are We Taking Him On?

Famous Gordon James Ramsay, OBE is a British chef, restaurateur and television personality. He has been awarded 15 Michelin stars in total and currently holds 14, has accepted SingTel’s Hawker Heroes Challenge. How would we fare? Here’s what’s happening in our local social media. Sorry for the bad language used in the pictures and please … Continue reading