Heng Long Teochew Porridge 兴隆潮洲糜

A greeting in Singapore is not “hello” or “how are you?” It is usually “吃包沒?” or “Jiak Ba Buay?” in Hokkien or Teochew (exact words except for the dialectal accent employed) which translates to “Have you eaten?” According to Vinns, a Malaysian friend, this greeting was brought down by our ancestors during the Great Famine … Continue reading

Portuguese Cuisine @ Guincho a Galera 葡国餐廳 (Macau)

It is safe to say that most people who come to Macau loves to gamble, but what does one do if one does not embrace the glitzy neon and bright baize, like me? Well, in a country of high rollers, there’s always the designer shopping and then there’s the fine dining. I opted for the … Continue reading

Fusion Cuisine @ Smile House 笑面府 (Macau)

I was quite excited when my friends decided to go to an Italian/French/Western fusion restaurant away from the hustle and bustle of Macau’s ritzy area. The suggestion came from a “picky eater” so I was quite hopeful what Smile House could offer me. Smile House is a very small family-run restaurant with a seating capcity … Continue reading

Café Chéri 路環常喜 (Macau)

The snaking queue at all 3 outlets of Lord Stow’s Bakery within a stone’s throw “forced” us to dine at Café Chéri, which was lacking tea crowd that afternoon. While my friends settled themselves comfortably in the restaurant, I braved the cold and stood in line for Andrew’s Egg Tarts, at the original shop across … Continue reading

Andrew’s Egg Tarts – Lord Stow’s Bakery 澳門安德魯餅店官方 (Macau)

One of the must-eat food when visiting Macau is 葡撻 (Portuguese Egg Tarts). Ironically, the creator of these custard tarts was not a baker from Portugal but an English pharmacist. Andrew Stow was nicknamed “Lord Stow” by the local Portuguese during his stint at Hyatt’s Alfonso Restaurant (then Macau’s leading Portuguese restaurant of the day) … Continue reading