Chin Mee Chin Confectionery – Kopitiam Experience

I am not sure but I think this place is at least half a century old and I felt quite ashamed to admit that having lived here for so long, this is my first trip to the iconic Hailam kopitiam serving authentic Hailam kopi and confectionery. I know I must sound like the biggest country … Continue reading

Singapore Brekkie

A typical Singapore breakfast would not be complete without soft-boiled egg. Recipe (serves 2) Soft-boiled Egg: 2-4 Free range Eggs with shell intact, at room temperature. In Singapore, room temperature is approximately 24-26°C (around 75-78°F). Boiling hot water. Method: 1. Rinse eggs well to rid of dirt and make sure there are no cracks. 2. … Continue reading

Mee Jian Kueh (Honey-comb Pancakes)

Fill it up with anything you fancy – sweet or savoury! Some call these Mi(n) Jian Kueh, Ban Chang Kueh and to the Indonesians they are Martabak. Another very popular breakfast and tea time snack in Singapore and Malaysia, usually filled with roasted chopped peanuts and sugar. The Indonesians have a savoury version with minced … Continue reading