Quick Boiled Fish Soup

Fish soup is considered a healthier choice compared to meat broth. Is that true? I don’t know. I eat almost anything that is delicious. I tend to be picky about my food. In fact, when it comes to food, I can be a “snob”. My philosophy is if I do not eat good food, then … Continue reading

Shell We Dine? – Jumbo Seafood Waterfront

 “Is your dinner appointment tonight?” “Nope, it’s tomorrow.” “In that case, wanna eat crab?” “Yes, of course, I want :)” The last time I was inside the Indoor Stadium was before the turn of the century (late 90’s) to catch the musical, Les Misérables. Jumbo equals Award Winning Chilli Crab. We made reservations for 7.30pm but … Continue reading

Kitchen Inn When My Kitchen’s Out?

Kitchen Inn, another new kid on the block on Elizabeth Street (a couple of shops away from Borek Bakehouse), about 100-150 metres from Queen Victoria Market. I usually like to see what the restaurants’ patrons are eating (if there’s outdoor seating) before making mental checks to see if that particular restaurant would be committed to my “must … Continue reading

Ginger Green Onion – Dipping Sauce

Recipe Ingredients to be put in a bowl: 4 tablespoons Scallion, minced (Green Onion, Spring Onion). 4 heap tablespoons Ginger, grated (use a zest grater). 1 – 1½ teaspoon Salt, to taste. pinch of Sugar. ½ teaspoon Sesame Oil. ½ cup Oil rendered from Chicken Fats* has best flavour (or Groundnut/Vegetable/Shallot Oil). Method: 1. Heat … Continue reading