Iron Man Keef

Unhappy with our first lopsided waffle portions the last time, Keef decided to show the iron who the master is. For two days in a row, he made waffles and they were perfect… well, according to him that is. The above was ironed yesterday. I asked him why the waffle looked chao ta (burnt in … Continue reading

Rice Cooker Shaoxing Chicken

This is a very simple dish with only few ingredients simmered in an electric rice cooker for 45 minutes. I told Keef that I needed a guinea pig for my new recipe and he said,”Come over. We’ll have lunch at Parkway and do the groceries needed for dinner.” I showered, packed my laptop and all … Continue reading

King Salmon Kama Shioyaki

King Salmon Kama Shioyaki (Kama is the collar and cheek of fish, Shio is salt and Yaki means grilled). Here’s what we did with the leftover fish heads from Test Driving Salmon Curry. Split the heads in halves. Pat dry the fish thoroughly and grind some sea salt all over the fish on both sides. … Continue reading