Prima Taste’s Mee Siam Sauce Kit

I am a big fan of Prima Taste Meal Sauce Kits. I loved their Singapore Curry the best! The other day, we had a craving for Mee Siam and got one package from Prima Taste. “Mee siam, which means “Siamese noodle” in Malay, is a dish of thin rice vermicelli popular in Singapore and Malaysia. … Continue reading

Homestyle Char Bee Hoon 炒米粉

As WordPress users, you know that there’s a section in the dashboard that shows you the most popular post for the day, week, etc… etc… And for every week since I started The Bonding Tool (TBT) Blog, Char Bee Hoon Recipe 炒米粉 has always been the top 3 most viewed post without fail. It also … Continue reading