Heng Long Teochew Porridge 兴隆潮洲糜

A greeting in Singapore is not “hello” or “how are you?” It is usually “吃包沒?” or “Jiak Ba Buay?” in Hokkien or Teochew (exact words except for the dialectal accent employed) which translates to “Have you eaten?” According to Vinns, a Malaysian friend, this greeting was brought down by our ancestors during the Great Famine … Continue reading

Basic Rice Congee

I have been bitten by the mosquitoes so much so that finally I am down with fever, suspected of dengue. My head hurts and every inch of my body ached like crazy. I slept for almost 24 hours and did not feel like getting up at all but I had to due to bed sore. … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Porridge Recipe 红薯粥食谱

This is a nourishing meal by itself and it is very good on days where semi-fasting or light meals are desired especially after the recent weeks and weeks of rich food since Christmas, CNY (the 15-day celebrations are still ongoing) and Valentine’s, I must admit to have put on quite a few kilos. Recipe Ingredients: 1½ … Continue reading