Tori Q & Hokkaido Rice

Yakitori is like satay in our local context – skewered meat on sticks. It is a very popular dish in Japan sold as street food with many grabbing a couple of sticks from yakitori stalls on their way home from work. Yakitori is also a common cheap accompaniment (like pub food) to beer in Izakayas, a casual … Continue reading

Wanna Lok Lok? – Malaysia Local Delights

When I was living in Malaysia in 2009,  Lok Lok was my favourite supper and still is whenever I visit Kuala Lumpur. There is no particular restaurant that serves Lok Lok simply because they are everywhere. The best Lok Lok you can find in Malaysia are van operated although they do have syndicated suppliers. My … Continue reading

Sambal Telur

Sambal Telur (Sambal Chilli Egg) This is a very simple dish. Ingredients you will need are hard boiled Hen or Quail Eggs and a few tablespoons of Sambal Tumis Method: Hard boil some eggs, any amount you wish. Heat some sambal tumis in a small pot and put in the shelled hard boiled eggs. Stir … Continue reading