ONE FC 12 – Warrior Spirit @ Putra Indoor Stadium

Draco had me worried (about posting ONE FC 12 which I intended) with his comment, “First rule: Don’t talk about fight club – and you just broke that rule. :)” Until his later mention, “You never saw the movie “Fight Club” with Brad Pitt? That’s one of his rules. :)”, I am at ease posting … Continue reading

The Artsy Affair

I was supposed to go for the National Day Flypast and Fireworks with Paul, today being the last rehearsal, but plans got changed when Dad and Bro came to Van’s first exhibition. This is the beginning of her career. She has a long way to go and I will be there for her. Happy celebrating … Continue reading

I Am Made For SAM

The Apprenticeship Programme 2013 70 Apprentices 23 Mentors Text credit on the apprentices’ work: The Apprenticeship Programme 2013 (booklet). Happy parenting, mentoring and nurturing 🙂 P.S. I did not forget, what we ate after the exhibition is on my next post 😉

The Gamble – Nagomi Restaurant

I haven’t been able to take good food picture lately. Perhaps I ran into photographer’s block. My new lens seemed uncooperative and is put away on the shelf – it would serve me during the day only. I had gone out with Naomi to a very nice dinner where we had squid ink pasta with … Continue reading

On Set With Calvin Huang

Remember Calvin Huang from Glamour Wave Photography on my post Here We Go Again? Well, here we go again and this time, Calvin was the subject of a media shoot and interview on his food photography that was being recorded for our local TV station. He’d been invited to teach photography on MediaCorp OKTO Channel “The … Continue reading

Dong Nan Xi Bei 东南西北

In English, we often say North, South, East, West but in Mandarin, the sequence jumbled into “Dong Nan Xi Bei (东南西北)” East, South, West, North. And no matter how you scramble your eggs, the good egg is never confined to one region only. While some may crack their heads looking for good food in Johore, … Continue reading

Here We Go Again! @ Ju Feng Garden Kitchen

In my previous outing to The Coastal Settlement posted in When 19’s Not A Crowd on 9th April 2013 with my Photography Khaki Group (a closed group, to date has 1174 members), Adrian Aw Yong told me that Wu Ting Ting’s mother owns a cze char stall in Commonwealth Drive. In less than a month, another makan … Continue reading

When 19’s Not A Crowd!

When is 19 not a crowd? When like-minded people gather together for a common destiny! Recently, I had the priviledge to be invited to join a closed group Photography Khaki in Facebook. As the name clearly clued you, it’s a group for aspiring and experienced photographers sharing their passion. As of my writing, they have quickly … Continue reading

May Your Labors Never Be Held Back By Lack of Finances!

ThePixelTrade seems to be heeding the advice given in the last sentence in the history of MustardSeedBudget. Read the story of Shantanu Starick – the guy who travels around without using money on food, shelter and transport. How does he do it? While Starick may not be lacking in finances, he has shown us an alternative currency. … Continue reading