Going Bananas :p

I never knew that bananas are flowering plants and are often mistakenly called banana trees. Bananas are rich in nutrients and has many other significant contributions like paper, fibre, religious symbolism, etc… etc… Find out more about Bananas. Recently, my dear friend, Steven Labbe, shared with me his “swear by” recipe and it was the … Continue reading

Tataki Sushi

Delicious Beef Tataki sushi at Hanaichi Hanaichi Sushi Bar + Dining Lvl 1 (there’s Hanaichi at the food court in this same building so be aware) Tables were filling up fast as we ate. Late Christmas shoppers came in. Beef Tataki Sushi Salmon Belly & Beef Tataki Sushi Salmon Belly Sushi Soft Shell Crab Hand … Continue reading

Sushi Sushi

Freshly served at Sushi Sushi This is definitely the place to go if you want fresh and value for money sushi. Great picnic and party food. No frills and no mess to clean up 🙂 Happy eating 🙂

Beef Spare Rib Stew

Hearty and wholesome meal. “Spare ribs $4 a kilo” yelled the butcher eager to call it a day and go home. After all, it was already 1pm! The meat did look very fresh indeed and I knew I had a good deal so I bought 2 kilos. After the bargained purhased, I realised that these … Continue reading