Thai Noodle House @ Coronation Arcade

Indian, Japanese and Thai food remains high on the food-we-like-to-eat-list although not necessary in that order. A fine execution of Thai cuisine dwells on the balancing of sweet, salty, sour and of course, spicy. Thai Noodle House is the place to go for no-frills home-style Thai cuisine when Ryan and Valerie do not want to … Continue reading

Life is Short…Eat Dessert First!

Thanying is a conversational address to the title of Mom Chao Ying (Her Serene Highness Princess, the usual rank of granddaughter of a king). The Thanying Restaurant is named in honor of H.S.H. Princess Sulabh–Valleng Visuddhi who was once the head cook in the Sukhothai Palace kitchen for her half-sister, Queen Rambhai Barni of King … Continue reading