Changi Village Hawker Centre

Before setting foot on Pulau Ubin, we had substantial brunch so much so we thought we could do away with dinner. Big mistake! We did have enough drinks but the storm made us feel cold and hungry come nightfall. Yama was dreaming about having a cup of hot instant noodles! When Mr. Teck picked us … Continue reading

Yusof Arni’s @ Far East Plaza – Cooking With Passion!

Some Malay tea-time cakes we called Kuih Kuih: Click to view pics in full and name of dishes (displayed in the food window): Food we had are featured below: Originally helmed by Arni’s mother, from whom she learned the ropes and succeeded about a decade or more years ago, the effervescent lady said she cooks … Continue reading

Royal Rumble – Malay Cuisine

Malay Cuisine is quite extensive. To name a few popular ones, there’s the Mee Rebus (boiled noodles), Mee Soto, Nasi Lemak, Sayur Lodeh and Satay. Their daily meal which is similar to Nasi Padang, (where rice is the main staple of the Malay community) has mostly spicy side dishes as accompaniment. Although it is uncertain … Continue reading