Kelly’s Luncheon Ham & Meiji Saltine Crackers

I woke up after more than 12 hours of sleep. I guess the two sequential macro outings on Thursday and Friday had tire me out. On hindsight, I am glad I purchased Kelly’s luncheon ham on Thursday night from Sheng Siong (the third largest chain of supermarkets in Singapore). Last night, I made some luncheon … Continue reading

This Little Piggy Stayed At Home

Since the children started work (Valerie has just started school again – pursuing her phD programme now with NUS), it is rare we have dinner together at home. The supermarket would have closed by the time they get off work (I don’t go to the wet market anymore). Last night was special. Vanessa and Sam … Continue reading

Economical Breakfast

I woke up at 5am this morning, got into my running gear (oh well, walking shoes, remember I got them when I had BlackBalls?) and waited for my buddy to call. Our appointment was at 6am but he had overslept. 7.45am and he’s finally here but there’s no time for our run as we had other … Continue reading