Thunder Tea Rice @ Volcano Coffee House 火山茶餐室擂茶 – An Outing With Tony Johor Kaki Pt. 3

I was still whooping it up in Happy Land in my mind… I was savouring the velvety mush of azuki beans from Ian’s bowl of Ice Kacang (blink once). I should have gobbled at least one of The Silver Chef’s attap chee. I also should have scooped more ganache from Tony’s dessert (blink twice). Tyng’s … Continue reading

Thunder Tea (Lei Cha 擂茶) – Living Wholesome Vegetarian Food

Lei Cha 擂茶, literally translates to Thunder Tea, is a Hakka dish. Lei 擂in Hakka dialect means “grind” but the homonym made it sound like thunder in Mandarin while Cha 茶 is tea in Chinese language. Thunder Tea rice meal or Lei Cha is considered healthy food as it contains ingredients like basil, cilantro, mint, … Continue reading