Kimbab 김밥

Kimbab or Gimbab? In Korean it is 김밥 (kim = seaweed, bab = rice) – written with consonnant “K” and pronounced as “G”. Confusing isn’t it? Many people mistook kimbab for maki at first sight. It is futile to argue the origin of this dish (Japanese or Korean?) so I shall not tread into this argument … Continue reading

Korean Spicy Beef and Octopus Firepot

There are a few varieties you can choose from. I like the spicy beef and octopus combination. Beef Bulgogi – another hot favourite here. Doesn’t look very tasty but it definitely is crispy. Happy eating 🙂

Kimchi Fried Rice 김치 볶음밥

Spice up your rice! Kimchi Fried Rice (serves 2-3) Ingredients: 1 cup kimchi, drained and chopped (preferably the kind made with Nappa cabbage). 3 cloves Garlic, chopped, optional. 1 tablespoon Red Pepper Paste (Gochujang). 1 teaspoon Sesame Oil. ½ cup cooked Meat (Beef, spam, pork, bacon, or ham – minced or sliced), optional. 2-3 cups … Continue reading