Good Morning Nanyang Cafe 早安南洋 – More Than Just A Jam!

One of the 4 makan kakis named Tony is a very famous food blogger and the girl recognised him immediately! She knew that if she followed him closely, she could steal a good meal away from him. He is always busy taking photos. He wouldn’t notice a few ciabatta kaya toasts or curry chicken missing, … Continue reading

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery – Kopitiam Experience

I am not sure but I think this place is at least half a century old and I felt quite ashamed to admit that having lived here for so long, this is my first trip to the iconic Hailam kopitiam serving authentic Hailam kopi and confectionery. I know I must sound like the biggest country … Continue reading

Singapore Brekkie

A typical Singapore breakfast would not be complete without soft-boiled egg. Recipe (serves 2) Soft-boiled Egg: 2-4 Free range Eggs with shell intact, at room temperature. In Singapore, room temperature is approximately 24-26°C (around 75-78°F). Boiling hot water. Method: 1. Rinse eggs well to rid of dirt and make sure there are no cracks. 2. … Continue reading