Flies And Lies

WARNING: Do not continue reading this post if you are entomophobic. I fell sick after consuming too much durians. I guess my body is not used to the “heatiness”. Paul was alarmed when I told him that the night we met for Supermoon. He defended, “Don’t tell me you were sick because of the durians. … Continue reading

Joo Seng Teochew Porridge & Rice 裕成潮州糜饭店

潮州糜 (Teochew Muay) or Teochew Rice Gruel is rice porridge that is not entirely broken down like the creamy smooth rich tasting Cantonese congee (明火白粥) . 糜 (Muay – Teochew word) is very different from 粥 (Jook – Cantonese word for slow simmered rice porridge). Muay is basically whole rice grains fast boiled with lots … Continue reading