The House of Robert Timms @ Wheelock Place

We came here just for the desserts so I cannot comment on the Stout Braised Kangaroo Loin and Braised Crocodile Casserole that this bona fide Aussie restaurant serves. However, their Pavlova caved in and frittered into fine clumps of sugary goodness as I indulged. The Sticky Date Pudding wasn’t sticky in the mouth but it … Continue reading

Moshi Moshi もしもし

It all started in 1876, no no this shop but the invention of the gadget that never leaves our hands and duh, I sleep with it, too… Yes! Telphone and now handphones, mobile phones, cellulars, smartphones, whatever you call it, Alexander Graham Bell’s invention gave us not only the new word “telephone” it also gave … Continue reading