Conpoy Chicken @ Cafe de Hong Kong 新天地小厨

Now you didn’t think that I would go to Cafe de Hong Kong just for a couple of French toasts and milk tea, did you? Whilst there for our tea, Francis, the owner, recommended that we try the Conpoy Chicken that’s on promotion now till the end of the year. At S$10.80 for a half … Continue reading

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant 阿一鲍鱼富臨

楊貫一 (Mr. Yeung Koon), better known as 阿一 (Ah Yat) is currently employed at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant Holdings Pte. Ltd. in the position of Founder. He is the famous chef from Hong Kong known as “Abalone King”. The restaurant specialises in abalone (from Japan) of course! The abalone offered can cost an average of … Continue reading

Hairy Crab 大閘蟹 @ Ah Yat

Woohoo! Tis the season to be crabby, fa la la la la… la la… la la! 😉 Did you know that 大閘蟹 (dà zhá xiè) or Hairy Crab is also known as Chinese Mitten Crab? It is so called because the medium-sized burrowing crab’s furry claws looked like mittens. 大閘蟹 is an autumn delicacy in … Continue reading

Victor’s Kitchen – Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun 黄金流沙包

Oh well, I might as well do one more post on dim sum but this time only one item and a beverage. The west has chocolate lava cake and in the east, we have custard lava buns. The last time I had 流沙包 (liu sha bao) was at Yum Cha (Chinatown) Restaurant and I complained … Continue reading