Mix-And-Match Your Own Fried Rice Paradise!

Waste not, want not… so if you have leftover rice, this is what you can do, fry it! Rule of thumb (who’s thumb?): One cup rice per person if that’s your main meal but allow for big eaters 🙂 One egg per person, or you can use lesser egg in the fried rice and give each … Continue reading

Seafood Masak Lemak Cili Padi Recipe

Recently, I received a “thank you” comment on one of the recipes I shared. That reminded me I still had a packet of the rempah in the freezer. Since I also had some frozen prawns and mussels, I decided to do a variation of the dish Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi and replaced the chicken … Continue reading

The Bonding Tool Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

Hey folks, 30th November is The Bonding Tool’s first anniversary! Yay, I survived a year’s blogging with 390 published posts 😀 The Bonding Tool started with 4 recipe postings on this very same day last year. See how free I was? No wonder Vanessa said this blogging stuff, which I knew nothing then, will do … Continue reading