Ju Feng Garden Kitchen 聚丰园小厨 – Crab Promotion

Singaporeans, in general, loves seafood and crabs seemed to be an all time favourite. Some of my friends saw my posting of Ju Feng’s crab promotion on Bonding Tool’s Facebook page and got excited. They wanted to know if S$29 for 3 crabs is a worthy deal. “How big are the crabs?” What you see … Continue reading

In Search Of Emperor Chickens @ Restoran Bamboo & Teck Sing (Johor Bahru)

Mark is a dear friend of 10 years. He works in the banking industry but he is very good in dancing so much so I asked him to teach my girls social dances when they were younger. Time passes flies and before a blink of the eye, it was almost a year since I last … Continue reading