Sea Urchin

In Japan, sea urchin is known as uni, and its roe can retail for as much as US$450/kg; it is served raw as sashimi or in sushi, with soy sauce and wasabi. Uni is Vanessa‘s favourite item on the Japanese menu but this is the first time we see Uni served in this artistic yet … Continue reading

Beef Tataki

Just like carpaccio… Quality grain fed Wagyu grilled with Hanabishi’s Teriyaki sauce. The sauce is made of soy sauce mixed with sake and mirin. You can hear the cow moooo… Not satisfied? Have some Soft Shell Crab sushi rolls Want something cooked after the raw? Agedashi Tofu to the rescue :p Happy eating 🙂

Wagyu Steak

Japanese style wagyu beef steak: Quality grain fed full-blood Wagyu selected by Hanabishi’s specialists, Japanese style steak. The sauce is made of soy sauce mixed with sake, mirin, garlic, fruit and sesame. We had ours medium rare and it almost simply melts in our mouth. Happy eating 🙂


Raw and unprocessed? The sashimi is most definitely fresh! Happy eating 🙂