Romancing The Dish @ Ivy’s Haninanese Mutton Soup 海南药材羊肉汤

So all the lovers were celebrating yesterday and I’m sure they are still high from the adoration for each other. Speaking of love, here’s a hawker’s love story… Some background: In Singapore, Hainanese (a minority Chinese dialect group) are known to be good cooks. In fact, Hainanese men rather than women are known to be … Continue reading

Twe Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice – Untweaked Tradition

Hainanese Chicken Rice (HCR) is considered as one of Singapore’s National Dish. It is often served as food that represents Singapore at international expositions and global events abroad, not to mention Singaporean-run restaurants overseas. Today, I had the privilege of eating one of the most authentic preparation (along with other traditional dishes) by Mr. and … Continue reading