Kukup Island Revisited – 马国柔佛龟咯渔村水上度假屋(在水一方)逍遥游

Everyone enjoyed the last getaway so much so that Benny organised another trip to Kukup, Pontian, Malaysia, on Good Friday. This time, we had to pay an extra S$6 per head (from S$89 to S$95) as the owner did some minor renovation to the chalets like putting up a glass wall to separate the living … Continue reading

Getaways I Can Afford

It took us nearly two hours from Johor Bahru to Yong Peng. I have no idea if that’s the normal duration for this route or that my friend was driving at snail’s pace but I was told I could have lunch in half an hour’s time after we crossed the Singapore – Malaysia customs! From … Continue reading