Whampoa Food Street (KENG) – Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant

I have been suffering migraine for the past couple of days. I couldn’t sleep well, tossing on my bed in my darkened room, staring at the ceiling and counting sheep. A clap of thunder broke the silence and I was awakened… Excited, actually! You see, I love the rain. The rumbling sky and lightning promised … Continue reading

136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat 香港街魚頭爐

I am not one who speaks well and thus do not write well but I would like to try to do some food review. I shared with Keef this idea of food review and he said, “Why not do a write up on Kok Sen?” I eagerly agreed and we made dinner appointment for tonight. … Continue reading

King Salmon Kama Shioyaki

King Salmon Kama Shioyaki (Kama is the collar and cheek of fish, Shio is salt and Yaki means grilled). Here’s what we did with the leftover fish heads from Test Driving Salmon Curry. Split the heads in halves. Pat dry the fish thoroughly and grind some sea salt all over the fish on both sides. … Continue reading