The First Man I Love Turned 80!

The Chinese have many traditions and one of them is the celebration of longevity when elderly grand/parents reach the ages of 70, 80 or 90. You’ve probably seen porcelain statues of the Fu Lu Shou, personified deities (always sold in a set as the 3 Immortals), in departmental stores or Chinese emporiums. 福禄寿 (Fu Lu … Continue reading

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家 @ Ngee Ann City

Guess who’s back? Back again… It’s not Shady, for sure! Jerry was back from Switzerland in the early morn so he thought to go to work but he suffered desynchronosis, gave up working for the day, went home, got showered, had 40 winks and flew off to Perth all within 12 hours. No wonder his … Continue reading