Where There Is Ruin There Is Hope For Treasure – Good Luck Restoran 泗湾幸运海鲜酒楼

Where there’s ruin, there’s hope for treasure. Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore – Anonymous We departed Nan Bei Restoran 南北 and headed eastward. No, not by boat. Along the way, Tony (Tony Johor Kaki fame) told us about a spooky ghost ship. He said his … Continue reading

Dong Nan Xi Bei 东南西北

In English, we often say North, South, East, West but in Mandarin, the sequence jumbled into “Dong Nan Xi Bei (东南西北)” East, South, West, North. And no matter how you scramble your eggs, the good egg is never confined to one region only. While some may crack their heads looking for good food in Johore, … Continue reading