Ngoh Hiang Recipe (五香滷肉卷)

Ngoh Hiang (五香滷肉卷) is 5-spiced pork rolls wrapped with translucent beancurd skin, a sheet different from those for making gingko barley dessert soup. Ngoh Hiang is great as an entrée or appetiser as well as a potluck dish for parties! Ngoh Hiang is a traditional must-have item at almost every Chinese New Year celebrating households … Continue reading

Beef Spare Rib Stew

Hearty and wholesome meal. “Spare ribs $4 a kilo” yelled the butcher eager to call it a day and go home. After all, it was already 1pm! The meat did look very fresh indeed and I knew I had a good deal so I bought 2 kilos. After the bargained purhased, I realised that these … Continue reading