Warong Jawa Nasi Lemak @ Bedok South Market and Food Centre

Sunday is undoubtedly family time for most Singaporeans. It is a day when most of the ordinary folks do their weekly wet-marketing, some with the whole jin gang of 3 generations along (see definition of a Wet Market and Whole Jin Gang in Singlish Dictionary, link provided below). In Singapore, most wet markets or “pasar” as … Continue reading

Indonesian Delights by Rita Lim @ Tampines St 42

UPDATE (Dec 2013): SORRY BUT THIS STALL IS NO LONGER OPERATING. I am not familiar with Tampines but luckily, Martin Smart is and he brought us there twice to savour the home-style cooking of Madam Rita Lim. Thank you, Smart! The first time was right after we had lunch at Mr. and Mrs. Teng’s house … Continue reading

Nasi Lemak

Tumeric flavoured coconut rice with sweet sambal tumis, fried anchovies, fried chicken wings and boiled egg. Watch an interesting clip on Nasi Lemak Rice making the olden days way here. Happy cooking 🙂 Click below for recipes on: Sambal Tumis Recipe Fried Anchovies Fried Chicken Wings Recipe