Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice @ Katong Shopping Centre

Keef has mentioned he liked Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice in Katong Shopping Centre when I returned to Singapore in 2012. He said the ko lei chye tng (cabbage soup) was good and it came free of charge! 3 years later I’m here with a huge appetite. The queue was long, and that’s a good sign! … Continue reading

Birds Of Different Feathers – Part 3

The Sunbirds are in town and there’s a baby involved! This was my 3rd session of birding within a week and I had a great time progressing from the spotted wood owls to the laced woodpeckers and now sunbirds! It was not easy shooting these extremely lively little birds but lucky me, I made new … Continue reading

Toa Payoh Housing Estate 大巴窑

A good part of my younger days were spent growing up in Toa Payoh Lorong 2 when my maternal grandma (pictured below) lived there. I was trained at the Toa Payoh Swimming Complex but my drowning experiences stopped me from pursuing this sports even at leisure. Guess I was a fish out of water. I … Continue reading

The Big Bird Chicken Rice

I know there’s lots of tutorials that can be found online but I’m the sort of student that needs hands-on (monkey see monkey do) sessions. I have attention deficit and needs adult supervision, lol… I also forget faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and therefore need a patient coach who speaks my lingo! Washiyama’s been … Continue reading

Xiang Ji Roasted Chicken Rice Noodle 香记烧腊鸡饭麵

Benny has been raving to me about Xiang Ji’s roasted pork belly for over a year now. He has eaten there countless time of course (not sick of the food?) and this is the stall he swears by whenever he craves for 烧腊 (pronounced as “siew lup” in Cantonese) meaning Chinese roasts. I was excited to … Continue reading

Hiap Hwa Coffee Shop @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 8

Last week’s diet consisted mainly of noodles until the Teochew Muay I had on Friday! I was just telling Benny on Thursday that I needed rice as I am quite the “png tang” (literally meaning rice pail) but when we arrived at the kopitiam, I changed my mind and had Tomyum Ban Mian. Benny who … Continue reading

Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat 尖沙嘴港式烧臘 @ Tampines, Singapore

As healthy and careful as Singaporeans are with their diets, Siew Yoke (烧肉 or roast pork belly), to the Chinese, is still a hot favourite! Uncle Smart said he knew of a place that serves very good Siew Yoke in Tampines. This claim had the attention of Kf Seetoh, who responded by joining us for … Continue reading

Chicken Up Cholesterol Down

May, Ross and I have not seen each other since we ate Crab Beehoon and wow, it’s been more than a month! How time flies… I was having a disucssion with Sunisa, my Thai lady friend, at a pub. Ross called and asked if I wanted to have dinner with May and himself. I agreed … Continue reading

This Big Bird’s Cow Is Singing La La…

Chicken rice is one of Singapore’s national dish and The Big Bird Chicken Rice almost invariably pops up when the focus is on the chilli. Derek Chen, the founder of The Big Bird Chicken Rice went into food industry with a partner then without much F&B experience and has today garnered his own flock of loyal … Continue reading

Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe 海南雞飯

Recipe Ingredients: 1 large whole bird Chicken about 1.5kg t0 2kg (Free range if possible). 4 stalks Scallions (tie 2 stalks into a knot so you have 2 portions). 1 huge knob Ginger, peel skin and lightly bashed (divide into 2 portions). 1 whole bulb Garlic, peel skin and lightly bashed (divide into 2 portions). … Continue reading