A Good Cuppa @ Strangers’ Reunion

Bing ordered a cup of coffee for Karen at The Elements, “If you like coffee, you may appreciate a cuppa here from Toby’s Estate Coffee.” A coffee shop name was thrown in and Karen asked, “Are the baristas here trained by Ryan?” The ladies were speaking my language – Coffee! I made a mental note. … Continue reading

Looking Glass Bistro @ Camden Medical Centre

I was seldom sick in my young days but of late, perhaps age is catching up, my body has become defective so to speak 😉 Anyways, visits to the doctors can turn into blogging materials, lol… I was craving for Fat foa-gura don which is glazed Foie gras and grilled wagyu beef over rice but … Continue reading

Wake Up To The Smell Of Ambience!

We had finished a very decent lunch but something was ngawing at me! I was fidgeting in the car when Al asked, “Coffee?” That’s it!!! That’s what was bothering me. Remember I can take up to 16 cups a day and I haven’t had any that day. Let’s go Al! Al said, since it’s a … Continue reading