Endau-Rompin National Park, Johor, Malaysia

It is not often that I go overseas, no matter how short a trip, with such a large number of enthusiastic like-minded people sharing the same *passion in photographing the macro world. I was privileged to be accepted at the very last minute. I was, still am, working on a project and had not had … Continue reading

Lao Jiang Superior Soup – 老江一品粿条汤

After my macro photography session was cut short, we drove to Bukit Timah Food Centre but most stalls had closed shop for the day. We decided to go to Cheong Chin Nam Road where there’s quite a number of eateries that’s guaranteed to open till late. The single lane (used to be able to park … Continue reading

Stop Bugging Me!

WARNING: Do not continue reading this post if you are entomophobic or arachnophobic. I saw some macro shots. I liked them. I liked them very much although I am not a fan of arthropods. Okay, I loved them! And so I signed up with Lee, who guided me on macro photography – a practical workshop … Continue reading