Jubilee Coffee House & Bar

“And suddenly it’s hard to find the memories you left behind. Remember, do you remember? The laughter and the tears, the shadows of misty yesteryears. The good times and the bad you’ve seen and all the others in between. Remember, do you remember the times of your life?” – Paul Anka Benny and I were … Continue reading

Lek Kee Authentic Teochew Braised Duck 陆记正宗潮州卤鸭 @ People’s Park Food Centre

As I mentioned yesterday, we had braised duck rice before having a traditional cuppa at GMNC, so here’s my post 😀 The boys complained that they couldn’t start the meal before I arrived. That’s because Smart would smack their paws if they lay even one phalange on the food before I had the chance to … Continue reading