Bosne i Hercegovine

A country plagued with bullet riddled buildings. A country full of beautiful peace-loving people, generous with their hospitality. A country where simple pleasures in life are not taken for granted! The sufferings inflicted on civilians from the war between 1992-1995 leaves much despair and to despair. I am talking about Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country I … Continue reading

Börek Bakehouse

As promised in my previous Turkish Bakehouse post, I went back to say “Merhaba” to the chef and bought myself the Cheese & Spinach and Spicy Lamb Gözleme AUD6 each from Börek Bakehouse on Elizabeth Street. This time round, I remembered to ask the young man behind the counter to warm them up. He was … Continue reading

Turkish Bakehouse

Börek Bakehouse I have always loved carbohydrates and dough is something I cannot resist. I can eat all kinds of it – simple bread with peanut butter and jelly, pizza, donuts, pretzels, roti pratha, naan, you name it, I’ll eat it. I did not notice this shop last year but lately on my weekly marketing … Continue reading