The Rose Of Kindness Award

I would like to thank Land of Fun for giving me this award! 😀 Echoeing LandofFun’s words, “I would like distribute this award with kindness, love and much respect to valued bloggers. Please accept it and feel free to put it on your blog, no rules for this.” Thank you for your consistent visits and encouragement. Thank … Continue reading

I’m It!

Thank you Ms N from tagging and making me an It! 😉 The rules (A-F) are: A) Post a picture of the award on your blog. B) Tagback the person who tagged you to let them know you’ve accepted the award. C) Mention 11 facts about yourself, so here they are (taken from Liebster award, … Continue reading

Sunshine Award

Thank you Melisa for nominating me for this award. I am truly humbled and elated at the same time! 😀 The Rules: 1. Post the Sunshine Award logo on your blog. 2. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers and announce their nomination in their blog’s comment section. 3. Mention links back to their blog, including a link … Continue reading