Pork Knuckle Stewed In Assam Pedas Ikan

Benny has been bugging me about eating fatty food of all types. I think he has a secret mission to either get his or my artery choked! I gave up and gave in to his latest request – Pork Knuckles (PK). It was Ricky’s day off from work so he joined us in this makan … Continue reading

One More Chance @ Eighteen Chefs

I am a member in Pink Photographers Singapore, a Facebook group managed by Ourshutterjourney LLP, with 536 (currently and still growing) female photographers; for us to share photos, experiences, photography tips & techniques. On October 16th 2014, a food photography event was organised for the ladies. It was Pink’s 1st outing and the event was … Continue reading

Heng Long Teochew Porridge 兴隆潮洲糜

A greeting in Singapore is not “hello” or “how are you?” It is usually “吃包沒?” or “Jiak Ba Buay?” in Hokkien or Teochew (exact words except for the dialectal accent employed) which translates to “Have you eaten?” According to Vinns, a Malaysian friend, this greeting was brought down by our ancestors during the Great Famine … Continue reading