Rokeby – Australian Inspired Cafe & Night Bistro Bar

Rokeby, serving artisan coffee and Australian fare (nestled in Jalan Riang a rather off track venue), would never have come to my attention had I not stumbled upon it online. The reviews were mixed but I miss Australia… especially Melbourne, where the coffee culture (mostly Italian, btw) is great! – Sam Han (June 7, 2013). … Continue reading

The House of Robert Timms @ Wheelock Place

We came here just for the desserts so I cannot comment on the Stout Braised Kangaroo Loin and Braised Crocodile Casserole that this bona fide Aussie restaurant serves. However, their Pavlova caved in and frittered into fine clumps of sugary goodness as I indulged. The Sticky Date Pudding wasn’t sticky in the mouth but it … Continue reading