Lunch @ The Tamarind Restaurant, The Village, Coconut Island – Phuket Trip Day 2

All the locals dishes did not do as well as we’d thought. The calamari (not native to Thai) surprisingly passed the taste test with flying colours. According to Vanessa, the calamari tasted superior. Crispy, flavoursome with moist succulent morsels coupled with a side of rich creamy dipping sauce on a bed of rockets. The aioli … Continue reading

Breakfast @ The Tamarind Restaurant, The Village, Coconut Island – Phuket Trip Day 2

On the second day of our stay, the children slept in a bit, only Sam was awake and whilst on his way out he saw that I was already up and about so he invited me to join him for breakfast. Breakfast has been priced into our room and board so it’s free! Sam and … Continue reading

Raya Thai Cuisine Restaurant @ Muang – Phuket Trip Day 1

We did not spend much time on Phuket Island itself except on evenings to catch an Aphrodite (lady boy) show and dinners at Raya House that serves Thai cuisine some say it’s Southern Thai while others called it Phuket-Thai style food. Raya House is a 90 year old double storey Sino-Thai-Portuguese residence converted into a … Continue reading

The Village Spa At Coconut Island – Phuket Trip Day 1

About 7 years in operation, The Village is the only resort hotel on Coconut Island (Ko Maphrao), Phuket, Thailand. Water taxis (longtail boats) or chartered/private catamarans are the only way in and out of this getaway and Phuket Province. There are certainly more vacationists than natives even though the island is not easily accessible to … Continue reading