Sake Sashimi

Salmon or Sake 鮭 in Japanese, has been known to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein and Vit. D content. Happy eating 🙂

Baby Octopus and Prawn Meat

A quick boil in salted water, drained and drizzled with some fried chopped garlic oil and you’ll get a nice appetizer. Use these fresh seafood in your next marinara pasta dish! P.S. Simply add these to Sambal Tumis to make a delicious spicy Malay dish. See Sambal Enam for instructions. Happy cooking 🙂

Garlic Prawns

Succulent! If Garlic Prawns do not entice you, perhaps some Fried Calamari will? This is the place to go for Spanish Paella, Garlic Prawns and Fried Calamari when in South Melbourne. Happy eating 🙂