Ajisen Ramen Singapore – What Happened To The 1000 Tastes?

My very first Ajisen Ramen meals were in Melbourne. My last Ajisen Ramen meal was consumed when my brother visited us. I have always liked Ajisen Ramen in Melbourne. They have fantastic sides to pair up with their ramen sets and I do love their infamous Volcano Ramen! As we waited in line at the … Continue reading

1000 Tastes In A Bowl

We usually eat at the flagship restaurant at 130 Bourke Street but our friend/neighbour told us that Ajisen Ramen had opened another outlet at Melbourne Central. According to Jason, “the food and ambience are better” and besides, Melbourne Central is nearer to where we stay thus saving us some tram fares which would be used to … Continue reading

Gyutan Don

Gyutan is beef tongue (ox tongue whatever you want to call it). If you have never eaten organ meat or tongue before, it’s time you do! Most people who have tried this dish described its texture as meat-like and taste slightly buttery. We hardly get any Gyutan in Singapore’s Japanese fast food chain. I’m glad … Continue reading

Sake Sashimi

Salmon or Sake 鮭 in Japanese, has been known to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein and Vit. D content. Happy eating 🙂

Volcano Ramen

Volacano Ramen from Ajisen Ramen is basically pork bones soup based Japanese noodles, some pork meat slices, medium boiled egg and vegetables with extra spicy dollop of chilli paste. In Utsunomiya, Japan, they have taken Volcano Ramen to the next level by pre-heating a cast iron bowl to 200C (390F) and bring it to your … Continue reading