Vying Edae 이대

The native female students vie for entry into the prestigious Ewha Womans University (이화여자대학교) which is in the vicinity referred to in general as 이대 (Edae). Founded in 1866 by an American Missionary, Mary Scranton, the school name 이화 대학교 has been shortened to 이대. Tourists are attracted to the hip and cheap shopping in … Continue reading

Hwago Jip 화고집 – Beautiful Korean Barbecue House

The cab driver took us to the Korean BBQ house as instructed. We were not sure if this was the correct place until we double checked the telephone number displayed at the shop front. Yes, we had arrived. Let’s get out of the cold and go inside. Hwajang Hangogi House, literally translates to “Beautiful Korean … Continue reading